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Tour in Colombia - 4 days / 3 nights | ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE IN SIERRA NEVADA

Sierra Nevada Santa Marta

Lost City Teyuna at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

01/Feb/2017 to 31/Dec/2017

An amazing tour package all year round

Sierra Nevada - Lost City Teyuna

Adventure, ecotourism, cultural experience in Sierra Nevada Colombia

Sierra Nevada Santa Marta is the set up for the Lost City Teyuna (Ciudad Perdida) in Colombia and this will be an unforgettable adventure for you. Built on year 700 approximately is the main urban center of the ancient civilization Tayrona and it has become one of the most important archaeological sites of this culture. Circular mainsquares, stairs, roads and channels built in stone were the basement for huts made of straw and bareque.

13 hectares of land in the middle of the dense flora at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its natural park are the setting to find the Lost City or Archaeological Park Teyuna, discovered in 1976 by a group of investigators.

When the tayronas lived in many indigenous towns of the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta they used to communicate through a network of stone roads, they used to live in circular huts without windows with palm roofs, built on stone terraces.

The complexity of the architecture of the Ciudad Perdida in Sierra Nevada Santa Marta with a unique channel system to move the rain water through the town and its terraces to keep the ground fertility. Petrography and cave paintings are found and the Donama Stone is unique because of its multiples interpretations.

Some 50.000 koguis and arhuacos indians live in the Lost City at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located at an altitud of 1.700 meters above sea level in the basin of the Buritica river.


From 377 U$ / Person

On our way to Teyuna at the Sierra Nevada we had the opportunity to see unique Colombian sites and culture that we never expected to find. This was so much better that we thought, the guides, the camping, the places, the summit and the indigenous people are very special.


The discovery of a lost civilization.


    • Jeep TransportationYES
    • Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerYES
    • Professional GuidanceYES
    • Accommodations in Hammocks, Beds or TentsYES
    • Entrance to The Archaeological SiteYES
    • Contribution to Local CommunityYES
    • Mules to carry foodYES
    • Flights into Santa MartaNOT


DAY 1 - From Santa Marta to Camp 1

At 08:30 in the morning we will depart from Santa Marta.
We will keep your big suitcases safe in our offices in the city while the tour.
For 3 hours we will take a jeep ride towards the town Machete Pelao.
At 12:00 noon you will have lunch and start the trek for 30 minutes until you arrive to a natural pool for a swim.
You will continue on a 3 hour walk to the Alfredo hut where you will overnight in comfortable hammocks with mosquito net and wool blankets.
Dinner is included.

DAY 2 - From Camp 1 to Camp 3

Early wake up on your second day tour for breakfast and get ready to start a trek to Camp 2.
Depending on the time during the year and the position of the stars we will visit the Kogui Mutanzi ton where its inhabitants live under traditional conditions, protecting their culture and knowledge.
Right after you will continue for 3 more hours to get to Camp 2, where Buritica River is located.
Free time for a swim.
Prepare for a 4 hour walk to get to Mamo Romualdo hut, who is the highest religious authority in this indigenous region. If possible you will have the chance to talk to him to better understand their culture, customs and ask for advice if you wish.
Your guide will inform about the allowed subjects that do not disturb the local community.
We will reinforce the importance of being part of their lives within their culture.
Overnight at Romualdo Hut (Camp 3) and if you wish you can cross the river for a refreshing swim

DAY 3 - Lost City and Return to Camp 2

Early wake up and breakfast before climbing 1200 steps to get to the Lost City. This is a unique place in the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta where you will enjoy and appreciate the tayrona culture that has survived the Spanish colony and the modern way of living in the big cities.
Your guide will provide information about the buildings, the way of life of the indigenous people, their culture and knowledge.
Free time for pictures of the magnificent landscapes.
Mid afternoon return to Camp 2 where you will overnight for the last time in Sierra Nevada.

DAY 4 - Return to Mamey and to Santa Marta

Early wake up and breakfast on your fourth and last day in Sierra Nevada, before a returning walk to Mamey for 6 or 7 hours.
A special lunch will be served.
Our jeep will pick you up and take you to Santa Marta between 3 to 5 pm.
End of our services.


  • Shown price for a minimum of 2 passengers.
  • Only 1 passenger will have extra costs.
  • We offer group discounts.
  • We will process your reservation with a U$100, non refundable deposit.
  • Balance must be paid 1 month before the date of the trip.


  • Say NO to sexual tourism with minors.
  • Buy legal, typical handcraft to local people.
  • Protect and don´t traffic our fauna, flora and cultural patrimony.
  • Take care of our natural environment.
  • Save energy and give good management of your waste.
  • Enjoy and respect our culture.
  • Fulfill the law.


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